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Colloidal Silver UK Generators with Electronic Control System



Make your own quality colloidal silver with the PyraMed range of colloidal silver generators from SciTron Healing. These units rely upon a software controlled electrical method, and produce colloidal silver of small particle size at a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million) using steam distilled water, and high purity silver electrodes. Colloidal Silver is highly effective in killing a wide range of bacteria and other pathogens.


"We may only have scratched the surface of positive silver's medical brilliance. Already it's an amazing tool. It stimulates bone forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues."


The Body Electric, Robert O. Becker M.D., p175

Published by: Quill, William Morrow, New York, 1985


Pathogen Control

Since colloidal silver has antibiotic, antiviral and fungicidal properties, it can be used to treat a number of pathogens; for example, by adding colloidal silver to drinking water (See the Report in our 'Books' section for recommendations by the World Health Organization on using colloidal silver to treat water), or as a spray to treat salads and fruit before a meal, or to treat kitchen work surfaces prior to cooking. Also to prevent infection in wounds, and to treat burns.

Since colloidal silver may be used to treat internal infections such as mouth ulcers, it can be used orally. Please observe the following dosage for safe use:

1 teaspoon of 10ppm colloidal silver is equivalent to approximately 50mcg (micrograms) of silver. 1 to 3 teaspoons per day are considered safe to use for extended periods. Please consult a qualified health practitioner if you have a medical condition.



• Microcontroller electronics

• Micro particle colloidal silver generator

• Powered from 12V DC source

• Switching regulator provides 35V electrode supply

• Firmware control for automatic switching of electrode supply ensures small particle size:


TEM image of Colliodal Silver

Image from the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) at LEMAS, The University of Leeds, Sept. 29, 2011).


• Measurement of concentration of colloidal silver during the production process

• Software routines measure the concentration at switch-on, ensuring that the production process will not commence unless distilled water has been used.

• Automatic end-of-cycle with indication and audio output

• Over voltage and under voltage warning routines

• Tyndall effect LED optic built-in gives verification of true colloidal silver

• 2mm fine grade silver electrodes included

Electro colloidal silver generator designed and manufactured

in the United Kingdom




PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generators

PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator System in operation



"I've been investigating complementary medicine for over three decades, looking for ways to help myself and my clients with a range of health issues. Colloidal silver has been one of the most useful tools I've worked with. Until acquiring a Pyramed, results could be erratic as with a basic two-wires-and-a-battery device there was no way of being sure of the strength and quality of the suspension produced. It's been a major step forward to be able to consistently produce an effective
preparation; every dose is of optimum strength and quality. It genuinely produces better and more reliable results."

Ian Sanders


PyraMed range of Colloidal Silver Generators

MX Colloidal Silver Generator System with 2mm Fine Silver (999.9) Electrodes and ppm LED indicator. Make your own high quality colloidal silver with this fully automatic unit. Also includes 600ml Lab. grade beaker and universal mains adapter.

Colloidal Silver Makers by PyraMed<empty>

Pyramed MX - 159

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