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Through the use of Microcontroller Technology, the production of colloidal silver of optimum concentration and particle size is now possible using the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator. Tests at the University of Leeds on Aquasilver, the pure form of colloidal silver produced by the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator has shown that particle size in the range 1-10 nm corresponds to nanometer size groups of atoms. These colloidal silver particles become suspended in distilled water to produce a colloid due to electrostatic charges produced by electrolysis, the safest method of production.

Various methods of production of colloidal silver over the years have shown that the electrical method of using silver electrodes in water produces nano size particles, which become suspended to produce a colloid. Particle size is important, for example particles in the region of one to ten nano-meters in size are active in inhibiting the HIV virus from binding to host cells. PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generators have taken this process to a new level of effectiveness by the use of Microcontroller Technology. This means that the silver electrodes are controlled by software stored in the chip (known by electronic engineers as firmware). Gone are the days of two wires, crocodile clips and rows of batteries.


 Robert Bows, EzineArticles Basic Author

The PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator technology ensures that only distilled water is used, since the device measures the conductivity of the water before starting production. Some colloidal silver generator devices on the market do not discriminate about what kind of water us used, but this feature is important in the design philosophy of the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator. This is to ensure that the particles of silver do not combine with dissolved solids to produce silver salts (such as silver chloride). By using pure water and high purity silver electrodes, the production of pure colloidal silver is achieved (known as Aquasilver). In order to measure conductivity, the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator electrodes are arranged as a measurement 'cell', as well as forming part of the electrolysis process. When a voltage is applied between the electrodes, the current flowing depends on the dimensions of the cell, and the conductivity of the liquid. The cell dimensions and the applied voltage are stored as constants in an embedded equation written in C code which forms part of the firmware design.


During the production cycle, the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator is programmed to reverse the current flow in the silver electrodes according to an algorithm which takes into account the mobility of the silver particles. This ensures that the colloidal silver particles are deposited in sheet like formations in the liquid whose position creates an even distribution. For this reason, the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Generator production process is neither constant voltage nor constant current since the time constant determined by the algorithm varies according to concentration and other factors. There are several advantages to this method, one being that stirring becomes unnecessary, and also that the reversal of current flow produces an even wear of the electrodes.


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